Happy Juneteenth!

June 19, 2020

As we take the day off from selling you treats and happiness in-person (online sales are still open!) and to make some long-overdue updates to our shop, we're reflecting on what it means to be a black owned small business. We love being part of a diverse community and continue to mourn the tragedy that took place at Mother Emmanuel church, the tragic anniversary also occurring this week. And while we are encouraged to see the Charleston community to take steps forward by removing statues of anti-black historical figures, we hope that we can all come together to continue working to make the world a better, more just place for everyone and our pets.




We are incredibly grateful to have made it through what we hope is the worst of it in terms of the coronavirus impact on our business. We'll be honest, it was very scary for us! Luckily, our awesome little neighborhood continued to show support for our little neighborhood store, and we're still here and getting back on track to be stronger than ever!


However, we know not all businesses were so lucky. MANY small businesses across the country did not make it or are only hanging on by a thread. Data shows that black-owned businesses, even more than other minority owned businesses, faced a much higher rate of closure. Below is a graphic from data researcher, journalist, and artist Mona Chalabi about this very topic. (Click to see her sources and original post.)




To celebrate Juneteenth this year, we encourage everyone to seek out a black owned business to support! Park Circle and the surrounding areas have many, but there are also great online sellers as well (the Mona Chalabi post linked above is filled with people tagging their favorite black-owned businesses!) Remember, every time you buy from a small business, you're investing in YOUR community. The owner will do a happy dance after you leave. And now, more than ever, these small business need your support.



-Carmela, Kristine, and Tyewhan





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