Farewell to Wolverine

Earlier this month, we said goodbye to a member of our family. Wolverine died suddenly, breaking our hearts and leaving us with a fluffy hole in our hearts.

Wolverine was the definition of faithful companion. She wouldn't let Kristine out of her sight if she could help it. More than once, in the store, Kristine would step out the front door, and the entire time she would be gone, Wolverine would sit there, barking for her mom to come back. She squeezed herself under desks just to be near her while she worked. It was a bond like no other.

Wolverine loved belly rubs and being the center of attention. She used her paw and her voice to grab your focus and to steal some rubs. She wanted to be loved and near you, insisting that she fit on that spot on the couch next to you, even if she didn't.

Wolverine LOVED the ocean, the thrill of getting wet and rolling in the sand. And that's how we'll always remember her, running full speed down the beach, absolutely loving life with all her heart.

We sincerely thank you, our wonderful neighbors and customers, for your kind words during this tragic loss.

With Love,

Kristine & Ty

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