Keeping Your Pet Cool in Summer Heat

Dog panting in front of body of water.

Man, we're hot! I mean, it's hot... Outside.... And as cute as the pups are with those floppy tongues hanging out of their mouths, this summer heat can be dangerous. We've compiled some tips on keeping your pets safe and cool through the endless humid summers.

1. Get Your Pet a Cool Pad

Cool Pet Pads from The Green Pet Shop are a thing of wonder. Eco-friendly (no water or electricity required!), the non-toxic mat gets activated by pressure. Sit on it and you instantly start feeling it cool beneath you. It's the closest thing to magic I've ever seen. We carry tons of sizes and even have covers you can wash and remove for all that slobber. We've even heard rumors they work great for humans wanting something cool to sleep on while recovering from hangovers, but we wouldn't know anything about that....

panting french bulldog on blue cooling pad

2. Keep the Treats Cool

You know how good ice cream (like from our neighbor Park Circle Creamery) tastes when it's insanely hot outside? Same holds true for you pet! We carry frozen bones from Primal that make a great outdoor summer treat. You can also put peanut butter in a kong or pour some liquid catnip or Ciao puree treat in an ice cube tray and stick them in a freezer. You'll have a nice, healthy, icy-cool treat your dog or cat can enjoy while you slurp your ice cream.

small dog licking an ice cream cone

3. Stay Safe on Outdoor Adventures

If you have to have your dog outside for an extended period of time in this heat (we recommend avoiding this if at all possible!), take precautions against heat exhaust with a Kurgo Cooling Vest. These vests are literally life-savers. Top of the line technology keeps you pet cool. Simply wet the vest, and as the water of the vest evaporates, your dog's body temperature lowers. It can be reused for a lifetime (with a lifetime warranty) - just re-wet it whenever it gets dry.

bottle of water being poured on grey cooling vest

Whatever you're doing to stay cool this summer, you can always swing by our shop. We've got plenty of AC and KITTENS to play with looking for their new home! We've partnered with Dorchester Paws to further our mission of helping animals in Charleston to live their best lives.

Living our Best Lives,

Ty and Kristine

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