New Season, New Look

The days are long now. The Dog Days of Summer have officially arrived. Instead of lazing around and napping like Hank....

We've been hard at work making some long overdue upgrades to the store! We've built custom (and MUCH more stable!) shelving for our bags of food.

We now offer BULK treat options (and those bags do look great, if we do say so ourselves...)

We've got some new items to help you keep track of your escape artists! (INCLUDING A TAG MACHINE THAT'S ON THE WAY!!)

And we're building an entire wall for TOYS TOYS TOYS!!!! It's all still a work in progress, and we've got TONS of boxes we're still unpacking.

There's lots of new things to see and discover at your favorite neighborhood pet shop this summer.

We can't wait to see you!

-Ty, Kristine, and Carmela

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