Working from Home with Pets

Trying to keep your dog busy while working from home? We've compiled 3 of our favorite ideas to help!

1. Freeze non-fat plain yogurt into ice cubes and give as a treat. It can get messy, so this one is especially good on a hot day when the pup can hang out in the yard for a bit. (Need ice cube trays in fun shapes? We've got them in the store!)

2. Play Hide and Seek with treats! Cut up Happy Howie's meat roll into smaller treats and hide throughout your home. This exercises your dog's mind and body and activates their scavenger instincts.

3. A box goes a long way. Kitty will want to be all up in your spreadsheets, but if you put a box on your desk right next to your laptop, it just might be too enticing for even the most data-conscious feline to resist.

How are you coping with your new furry co-workers?

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