March Hours

March is a great month to be in Park Circle! And a great month in the pet industry!

As a result, we have some announcements about when we'll be open and when we'll be closed.

First, we WILL be OPEN for St. Patrick's Day in Park Circle on March 10th. E. Montague will be closed for the street festival and parade, but Park Pets will be open to fulfill all your dog beer needs.

Second, the Park Pets team will be attending a conference where we will be learning about all the latest and greatest pet health to bring back to you. Because of this, though, we have to close Park Pets on March 21st, March 22nd, and March 23rd. Thank you for putting up with this while we work to be the best we can be! Please be sure to stock up before hand on any necessities!

As a reminder, here are our normal hours:

Tuesday - Saturday: 11-6(ish)

Sunday: 12-5(ish)

Monday: CLOSED

#closings #storehours

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