Freeze-Dried Frenzy!

There are a ton of great health benefits to feeding your dog a raw diet, including:

  • Healthy skin and coats

  • Whiter teeth and clean gums (which leads to fresher breath)

  • Better weight management

  • Improved digestion, overall health, and energy levels

  • Superior gut health

  • Less likelihood of allergies

  • Smaller, less smelly stools

Lu can attest to many of these benefits, especially the smaller stools and improved energy levels!

However, many find the idea of feeding a raw diet intimidating or the process of preparing it to be too much work. I myself am one of those people. Enter FREEZE-DRIED RAW FOOD.

Freeze dried raw food is made from farm-fresh meat, bone, and organs with all the water removed. The freeze drying process preserves the vitamins and minerals and gives you a shelf-stable raw option that's easy to incorporate into your dog's diet. Just add water!

Freeze dried raw food is light-weight, so it's perfect for travel. It's got a long shelf-life, so unlike normal raw food, you don't have to use it all in a couple of days. And it's basically mess-free!

Even if you're not ready to commit to making the switch to a fully raw (freeze dried or otherwise) diet for your dog, freeze-dried raw can be a great topper on top of your dog's normal kibble, providing a nutrition-dense special treat at meal time. It also makes A GREAT treat - I use it for training with Lu. We carry Open Farm's Freeze-Dried Raw, which has the added benefit of being "farm-to-bowl" and an incredibly eco-friendly company.

We want to make it easy for you to give Freeze Dried Raw foods a try, so we're running a sale! From now until the end of March, buy ANY bag of Open Farm Kibble, and you'll get $10 off a bag of Freeze Dried Raw food (even if going the treat route - that's almost A POUND of treats for just $20 - as a comparison, a 3.5oz bag of freeze dried treats normally run around $14).

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