Meet Our People


Kristine Luke


  • Healthy: Rock Star on the Rugby Pitch

  • Sustainable: Reuses Poop Bags

  • Weird: Skilled at making tutus

  • Pets: Hercules, Rosie, Wolverine, Bentley

  • Fun Fact: Never owned a pet before Hercules. He was a tiny kitten that fit in the palm of my hand when I found him at my apartment complex. One pet quickly became four and a life-long love affair was born.

  • The Reason for Our "Ish": Sorry if you've ever arrived 15 minutes after we opened and wondered why the store was still closed. I own the fact that I am notoriously late (Ty is worse!). Between graduate school and my full-time job, it's a miracle I get anywhere. Thank you for your patience.

  • Favorite Park Pets Item: Cow hooves! They are fun to chew, super long lasting, and perfect for all dogs.

  • Healthy: Also a Rock Star on the Rugby Pitch

  • Sustainable: Makes Stuff from Upcycled Wood Pallets

  • Weird: Will fall asleep during the movie before you

  • Pets: Only claims Bentley

  • Local (Non-Native): Founded and Leader of Boy Scout Troop 403 of Harvest Pointe Church here in North Charleston, but I'm originally from Charlotte.

  • The Reason for Our "Ish": Kristine is the late one. I'm always on time. [Editors Note: This is a bold face lie.]

  • Don't Mess with the USA: I'm a Veteran, and I've studied martial arts. USA! USA! USA!

  • Favorite Park Pets Item: The locally made leashes and toys made from nautical ropes and knots! (Kristine, I want a boat.)


Tyewhan Luke

"The Dude"